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Finding out about global warming and climate change

Global warming map of sea temperatures

Last updated: January 6, 2011.

Please note that this page is now archived. A number of the links are broken and we are very unlikely to revisit or update them. However, you can always track down an old page by copying its name into a search engine and looking for its new location.

Most of the world's scientists now agree that Earth is warming up.... but what will happen in the coming years, decades, and centuries? This is our handy guide to the best websites on global warming. If you're looking for public-domain (copyright-free) photos to illustrate a school project or report, please also take a look at our page ofclimate change and global warming photos.

Photo by courtesy of Great Images in NASA.

Contents: What's on this page?

Cool stuff for schools (good introductions)

Here are some good places to start with global warming. These sites are not necessarily just for kids; they're good, concise introductions to the subject.

General articles



Climate modelling




The Kyoto Protocol

Government agencies and international organizations

Scientific institutions

Campaign groups, NGOs, etc.


Background, facts, data, and statistics

News stories and journalism


Key players in the carbon war

Short biographies of some of the key players in the science and politics of global warming.


Hundreds of scientists from around the world have been involved in preparing the IPCC reports and the broad agreement that a warming world is causing climate change. A few dissenting voices, most funded or supported by the vested interests of "the carbon club",  maintain the opposite view and have been remarkably successful in skewing the scientific debate.



Six of the best

Some of the rest

Articles not on the web

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