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Immediate Release 2 nd August 1996



Police and security arriving at the Newbury Bypass work site early this morning were confronted with a strange sight, as protesters staged an action with the theme of "Surrealism".

Occupying the route near Snelsmore Common were two figures in gold Statue of Liberty masks reading the morning papers; two musicians, one in a blue ball gown, performing chamber music on baroque recorder and cello; and someone jumping rope.

A number of others paraded in "Rocky Horror Picture Show" type apparel, male protesters looking particularly fetching in slinky dresses and fishnet stockings!

Sarah, one of the musicians, said

"It certainly has been a strange morning, but actually, we think that wasting over a million pounds on trashing environmentally protected areas and building a destructive road that won't even solve Newbury's traffic troubles is far more surreal!"

After applauding the music, police cautioned protesters that they would be arrested if they did not move off the route, and the participants drew the action to a peaceful close.


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