Third Battle of Newbury

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Immediate Release Monday 2 nd December 1996


Circus under siege on route of Newbury Bypass


The Tothill Circus, based at the Tothill Protest Camp in the southern part of the bypass route is today under threat from contractors erecting security fencing. Police and security at Tothill are being confronted by circus performers including fire breathers, jugglers and a giant fire breathing dragon.

There have been no arrests so far and exchanges between police and protestors have been good natured. Tothill Circus composed of former protesters is undertaking a international tour including continental destinations starting January next year. The Circus aims to promote environmental awareness in its performances. The circus performs 'The Dragon of Penwood' which portrays the horror of the destruction work on the bypass route and the evictions at Tothill.

Rock Steady, one of the jugglers at The Tothill said

"We're concerned that protestors, including circus performers will be isolated by the fencing being erected. We hope that our circus skills and humour will entrance the construction workers and give an opportunity to talk sensibly" ENDS

Editors Notes

On site liaison, Danny at Tothill Circus: