Third Battle of Newbury

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Immediate Release 8th August 1996


Shooting on route of Newbury Bypass

Last night, August 7th, at approximately 10.00 p.m., shots were fired in close proximity to the Hills Pightle protest camp, on the northern part of the proposed bypass. Protestors feared for their lives as the shots rang out.

Two shots, apparently rifle shots, originated from an all terrain vehicle. A high intensity spotlight, hand-held, caught one protester, Mr Jack Rumbold in its beam immediately prior to the shooting. Mr Rumbold was not injured and the vehicle sped off. Police officers from Thames Valley Police are currently investigating the incident[1]. This incident follows a number of other reported shootings at protest camps during which no one has so far been injured.

A spokesman for the Third Battle of Newbury said,

"There have been a number of incidents - fire bombing, shootings and assaults against those involved in legitimate protest. Aside from any physical injury, can you imagine the mental anguish which such incidents have caused to people?' In a separate development, the trial of a man who allegedly fire-bombed a bus - the home of anti-bypass protestors Jerry Middleton and his family, is expect on Monday 12th August at Reading Crown Court[2]. The alleged fire bombing occurred during the night of November 12th last year while the bus was parked beside the protest camp at Reddings Copse on route of the proposed bypass. Another man has already pleaded guilty to the incident and is awaiting sentence.