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Immediate Release Friday November 8th 1996


Protesters place in history bestowed by Police Museum

The former Curator of the Thames Valley Police Museum, based at Sulhamstead just outside Reading, has asked the Third Battle of Newbury to provide an unusual exhibit for its collection - a lock-on[1].

The Museum, started in 1856, hosts numerous exhibits - many taken from former police evidence including artefacts from the Great Train Robbery and the murder of two policemen by poachers at Chiltern Foliat in the 1870's.

Inspector Leonard Petit, former museum curator has informally approached the Third Battle of Newbury for the exhibit, although it is hoped a formal presentation ceremony can be arranged.

A spokesperson for The Third Battle of Newbury said

"We maintain very good relations with Thames Valley Police - something of a symbiotic relationship perhaps - they are after all victims of circumstance. It's interesting to see the Police hold protestors in such esteem, although The Third Battle's place in history is already assured"


Editors Notes

Further Information: Third Battle of Newbury Office 01635 45544

Thames Valley Police (Leonard Petit): 01635 31000

[1] A lock-on is a tube set in the ground with concrete so that a person may not chain themselves onto the ground and not be easily moved. It is used to defend land from destruction work. A lock-on is also known as a Dragon.