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Immediate Release Tuesday 10 September 1996


Massive Police and security operation to capture toilet on Newbury Bypass route

At approximately 7.00 a.m. today, almost 350 security guards and over 100 Police swooped on the bypass route at the 'Gotan' protest camp[1]. They seized a Toilet 'bender' and a small portion of the Bypass route. Two arrests were made for aggravated trespass.

Contractors erected fencing and felled a number of trees during the operation. Tree felling was halted by tree borne protestors. The on-route vegetable garden which protestors and local residents, known as the Diggers had cultivated over the summer was not touched. The Highways Agency failed to pass the perimeter fence erected around the vegetables.

Two disused VW Beetles stationed on route at Gotan and used in 'Auto-burger', an exhibit for the Friends of the Earth's Art Bypass exhibition were seized during the operation. At one point bleary eyed security guards were led astray by one protester dressed as a 'red hat' - team leaders for the security guards. A JCB digger working beside the toilet bender sank in a quagmire of sh*t. Another JCB was required to tow it out.

A spokesperson for the Third Battle of Newbury said ;

"While the Highways Agency seek to sterilise this land forever, we cultivated it and brought forth food. Oak seedlings from the acorns of the felled trees grow nearby. The operation at Gotan stinks - All we're saying is - Lettuce live here!"


Editors Notes

[1] Estimated cost of operation �30,000

Further Information: Third Battle of Newbury Office 01635 45544