Third Battle of Newbury

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Immediate Release Sunday 10th November 1996


King Arthur at Court

King Arthur (Arthur Pendragon) will be among ten Newbury Bypass protestors called to appear at The High Court, The Strand, London on Monday 11th November. The Department and Transport and Costain are seeking injunctions to prevent the ten defendants from trespassing on the route of the Newbury Bypass or interfering with plant or machinery of Costain, who are contracted to build the Bypass.

Arthur Pendragon will be brought from Bullington Prison, Oxon where he is on remand for breaking bail conditions not to trespass on the bypass route. Of the ten defendants at least three are expected to attend. The defendants are hoping a new legal strategy will be successful.

There have been twenty injunctions against bypass protestors granted to date. In private the treasury solicitor Lesley Smith has said that she will not be pressing for further injunctions in the near future, although it has been said that up to fifty would be sought

A spokesperson for the Third Battle of Newbury said

"The Highways Agency would like you to believe that injunctions have been effective in reducing protest. In reality the injunctions often target protestors who have left or are harmless. This charade is a complete waste of tax payers money!" they continued "The increasingly bitter weather, fatigue and other urgent campaigns like the A30 Exeter/Horniton action have, however, reduced numbers at Newbury" ENDS