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Immediate Release 13th August


Newbury 'No-Sausage' Day

On Saturday the 17th August, there will be a National No-Sausage Day, where supporters are asked to undergo a one day hunger strike. This is being held in support of Chris Dench, who is into his 12th day of hunger strike on remand in Bullingdon Prison, as a protest against the extreme bail conditions being imposed on campaigners. These bail conditions include a 1km exclusion zone known as the Newbury Sausage, around the by-pass site.

Campaigners are being asked to donate the money they have saved on food for the day, to the Third Battle of Newbury, to be used towards future prisoner support

A spokesperson for the campaign said

"We hope that the No-sausage day will not only help raise funds, but will serve to highlight these ridiculously extreme and unfair conditions that are being uniformly imposed on campaigners, regardless of the nature of their offence. Thieves and violent offenders are rarely treated with such severity!!!

they continued

"The police say they aim to protect our right to peacefully protest, but these conditions, together with the recent attempts to injunct certain protesters, is a clear attempt to silence us, and eradicate this so called right to protest. It is a clear infringement of our civil liberties."


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