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Immediate Release 14/1/97


Arthur Scargill to visit Newbury Bypass campaigners

On Monday 20th January, Arthur Scargill will be visiting Newbury to meet with anti bypass campaigners and to speak at a public meeting.

He will be speaking about the Socialist Labour Party's policy commitment to end the road building programme, and the growing links between the radical environmental movement and socialists / trade unionists.

Mr Scargill will be challenged by supporters of the Road Traffic Reduction Bill to commit his full support to this Bill.

Jill Eisele, and Cath Bann of the Third Battle of Newbury, will speak briefly about the history of the Newbury anti-bypass campaign, how it represents radical resistance to today's government, and the way in which the police and the state have reacted to the protest in its various stages.

People will then be invited to put questions to Mr Scargill.

The meeting will take place at the Waterside Youth & Community Centre, off Northbrook St, at 1pm, Monday 20th Jan