Immediate release August 14th 1996


Protesters send love and kisses to Police

Bishops, senior police officers, government ministers, construction company directors and of course anti-road activistists, are being sent invitations, sealed with a lip-stick laden kiss, to attend the Flim-flam festival[1]. The Flim-flam festival from August 25 - 30th consists of five days of peaceful protest on route of the Newbury Bypass. This follows on from Friends of the Earth's Art Bypass exhibition on Sunday 25th August [2].

While Pantomime cows frolicked though security cordons during the clearance phase of the Newbury bypass campaign, larger and more imaginative actions are expected during the Flim-flam festival[3]. The festival is intended to maximise humour and provide numerous photo opportunities[4].

Festival coverage will be provided by Tree-FM 87.7, Newbury's local radio station[5]. Tree-FM are expected to provided up to the minute reports for the assembled festive protestors as well as the regular underground music.

Fred Spong, Tree-FM broadcaster commented:

"It seemed only appropriate to invite the police, security, MP's, etc. to the Flim-flam festival. They usually turn up at protests uninvited, besides Sir George Young, Transport Secretary and David Rendel MP are first rate Flim-flammers. Let's cut the usual Flim-flam and hear about providing Transport for the people, rather than more roads for more traffic. "
He continued, "Such humorous and 'fluffy' events as Flim-flam defuse tension, while maximising strut your fluff one and all!"

Editor's Notes

Invitations, including invitations to journalists, were mailed today. Please contact Flim-flam events (number below) if you've not received your invite within 3 days.

[1] List of invitees below. Anti-road activists not listed. Journalists from all national and local media have been sent invitations. Journalists may wish to call invitees for their reaction.

[2] Flim-flam follows on from Friends of the Earth's (FOE) Art Bypass exhibition of Sunday 25th August. In no way are FOE connected with events at Flim-flam.

[4] For list of events see enclosed/attached poster.

[5] Tree-FM broadcasts on 87.7 MHz from 7.00 - 9.00 p.m. each night. Reception limited to Newbury area.

Further information:

Pre-recorded festival information available: 01635 550 552

Flim-flam events: Fred Spong
Invitation List:


Thames Valley Police (Policing Newbury Bypass Protest, Operation Prospect)

Assistant Chief Inspector Ian Blair, :

Assistant Chief Constable Tim Davison (Silver Command):

Forward Intelligence Team, New Scotland Yard

Inspector Barry Norman and Sergeant Tony Britten:

Department of Transport

Highways Agency:

Laurie Haynes, Chief Executive Highways Agency

Newbury Bypass Project Team:

M Graham Odie; Mr G.P Rainbow; Steve Rowsell

Bypass contractors

Costain: 0171 705 8444 (Company constructing the Newbury Bypass)

Alan Lovell, Chief Executive

Simon Scutt, Newbury Bypass Project Manager

All Costain's board of Directors, including Sir Chistopher Benson, Peter Costain

Mott MacDonald: (Civil Engineers for the Department of Transport)

John Chapman, Chief Site Engineer Newbury Bypass

Roger Jackson, Assistance Site Engineer

C.A. Blackwells: (Contractors employed to fell trees and clear route of bypass)

Managing Director

H.E. services: (Plant hire for Newbury Bypass contract)

Managing Director

Richard Turner Ltd: (Climbers used to evict tree-born protestors in the clearance stage of the Newbury contract)

Richard Turner, Ian Harrison, Andy Coish, Paul Newton

Bypass Security

Brays Detective Agency: (Evidence gathers for the Highways Agency).

Huw Ellicombe, Manager; Paul John Selby, Manager

Pinkertons: (Company providing security guards for the Newbury contract)

The Managing Director

Local Council

Newbury District Council: (Organisers of campaign to build bypass)

Keith Lock (leader of Newbury District Council)

Paul McMahon (Chief executive Newbury District Council)

Politicians and Ministers of Parliament

David Rendel: (MP for Newbury)

Richard Benyon : (PPC Newbury)

John Watts MP: (Minister for Roads)

Sir George Young: (Secretary of State for Transport )

Religious leaders

Bishop Hugh Montefiore: (Church of England)

Brother Daniel: (Roman Catholic)

Paul Seto: (Buddhist)

Ranchor Prime: (Hare Krishna)