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Immediate Release Wednesday August 14th 1996


Protestors were non-violent

Police allegations that protestors were violent in an action to remove fencing on route of the Newbury Bypass last night are vociferously denied. At no point during the incident were CS gas canisters or knifes, allegedly carried by protestors used.

The use of CS gas or knives or offensive weapons of any kind by anyone is condemned by The Third Battle of Newbury. Small pen knives used for kitchen or camp duties are often carried by protestors. The CS gas may have been carried by German nationals, believed to be ignorant of British Law. Carrying CS gas for self defence is not illegal in Germany. Many of the Pinkertons security guards are reported to have behaved in a threatening and abusive manner and carried club-like weapons during the incident.

The Third Battle of Newbury accused police of over reacting in an attempt to gain additional police funding from the Home Office. The Home Office has denied addtional funding for the Thames Valley Police to cover the Bypass Protest

A spokesperson for the Third-Battle of Newbury said

"We condemn the use of weapons or violence from where ever it comes and only support peaceful protest. Knives or CS gas were not used in last nights incident"

They continued,

"Its ironic that Dackon Whittaker[1] who admitted preparing and lighing petrol bombs, which were thrown at the home of a protester and his family has now walked away from court apparently without a blemish to his character. Surely this is a travesty of justice, imagine the out cry if protesters had been caught with petrol bombs!"


[1] Dackon Whittaker, was aquitted today at Reading Crown Court. He faced charges of Arson with intent to endanger human life. No other charges were bought. A private prosecution is being considered.

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