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Immediate Release 15th October 1996


Fact finding mission by Manchester Airport Campaigners to Newbury

Photo opportunity

Campaigners from the organisation opposing the expansion of Manchester Airport, known as Manchester Airport Environment Network (MAEN) will visit the Third Battle of Newbury on Wednesday 16th October. A regional BBC news team will be documenting MAEN's visit as it has documented MEAN's development in general.

Jeffrey Gazzard of MAEN will visit the Third Battle of Newbury office and some of the camps on the Newbury Bypass route. He will meet campaigners and non-violent direct activists to learn about the strategy and tactics used in the campaign against the Newbury Bypass.

The Manchester Airport Public Inquiry Inspector is expected to announced their decision within the next month. MAEN is a coalition of groups and direct activists may soon be joining their ranks. MAEN have already visited Friends of the Earth Amsterdam who were involved in opposing the expansion of Schipol airport, just outside of Amsterdam. The Schipol campaigners used non-violent direct action techniques which at one time prevented planes landing at Amsterdam Airport.

Andrew Wood of the Third Battle of Newbury said

"Mounting an effective campaign is much more than just sitting in front of Bulldozers. If war is politics conducted on the battlefield, then campaigning and protest is politics conducted in the media" ENDS