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The Third Battle of Newbury is a coalition of groups opposed to the Newbury Bypass and campaigning for sustainable transport for the people of Newbury and Great Britain.




The Private Secretary to The Queen,

Buckingham Palace,

The Mall,

London. SW1A 1AA. Tuesday 15th October 1996

Dear Sir/Madame,

I write regarding The Queen's visit to Newbury, Berkshire on Friday 25th October to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Newbury's Charter.

As I'm sure your aware the Newbury Bypass has meant considerable destruction of the unique and very special countryside immediately to the west of Newbury. For future generations the building or attempted building of the Bypass will be seen as an event of great significance. Indeed it may be seen as the turning point in Newbury's modern development.

Many Newbury people and thousands of others from around the country have visited Newbury to peacefully protest at the unnecessary loss of England's green and pleasant land. In February alone over six thousand people demonstrated at the Friends of the Earth's rally. I'm sure that The Queen can understand and perhaps shares the sentiments of those protesting. I say unnecessary loss for there are alternatives for relieving Newbury's traffic problems which will bring long lasting relief to the urban environment of Newbury while preserving the special character of the land to the west of Newbury.

I imagine the Queens visit to Newbury has been carefully planned and programmed, however I would like to invite her to visit one of the protest camps. This would be an opportunity to meet some of those who have forgone the comforts of modern life and perhaps given up their liberty to demonstrate peacefully against the Newbury Bypass. Childern living on camp would like to present The Queen with an oak seedling, one that has grown from the acorn of a tree which that last winter stood on the bypass route, but now has been felled and removed during the clearance phase of the Newbury Bypass.

I would be happy to liaise with you to arrange a mutually convenient time for a brief tour and meeting with campaigners, protestors and local residents opposed to the Newbury Bypass. I may be contacted at the above address and phone number. I look forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely

(Andrew Wood, liaison officer

for The Third Battle of Newbury)