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Immediate Release Tuesday Ocotober 15th


Queen invited to tea at Newbury Bypass Protest Camp

Her Majesty, The Queen of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth, who will be visiting Newbury on Friday 25th October 1996 to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Newbury's Charter, has been invited by protestors against the Newbury Bypass to take tea at one of the protest camps on route.

The Queen will be invited to inspect the camp and demonstrations will be given in the art of non-violent direct action, including tree climbing, making walk-ways and the construction and use of a 'lock-on'[1]. It is hoped the Queen will be persuaded to 'lock-on' to machinery working on route. To complete the visit children living at Gotan will present her majesty with a 'refutree'[2] from the bypass route in a short ceremony. Musicians will also be present and will perform 'The bypass blues' for her Majesty.

Andrew Wood of the Third Battle of Newbury said

"The Queen of England will not be amused at the unnecessary destruction of England's Green and Pleasant land. We hope her Majesty will pay tribute to those who have risked their liberty and forgone personnel comfort in this campaign of non-violent direct action to preserve our wonderful country"


Editors Notes

An invitation was sent to the Queen at Buckingham Palace today.

[1] Walkways are rope strung between trees to allow movement from one tree to another. Lock-ons are tubes set in concrete to which a person may secure themselves to prevent destruction work occurring in the immediate vicinity

[2] Oak seedlings some twelve inches high have grown on the route of the Newbury Bypass from acorns of the ancient oak woodland felled earlier this year

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