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Immediate Release Saturday 18th January 1997


Fourth Newbury Bypass hunger strike begins

Newbury bypass protester, Shaun O'Riely was remanded in custody at HM. Prison Bullingdon, near Bicester, Oxfordshire on Tuesday 13th January. Since then he has been on hunger-strike. Today Saturday 18th January marks the fifth day of his protest. By refusing food Shaun is protesting at the draconian bail conditions imposed on anti-bypass protestors.

Shaun will be appearing before magistrates at Newbury on Tuesday 21st January, one week since starting hunger strike. He has pledged not to accept any bail conditions which may be offered when he appears on Tuesday. Shaun has been charged with several offences including pocession of an article with intent to cause criminal damage and disorderly conduct, section 5 of the Public Order Act.

Although the purpose of bail conditions is ensure that a defendant attends court, bail conditions have been used at the Newbury bypass protests to prevent protests continuing. Typically bail conditions at Newbury have include an exclusion from appearing within one kilometre of the Bypass route - sometimes whimsically refered to as the Newbury Sausage (due to the shape of the exclusion zone).

Shaun O'Riely said

"My protest is against being criminalised by laws designed to stop peaceful protest, furthermore I am protesting at police harassment"


Editors Notes

Further Information: Shaun O'Riely's Solicitor: Lydia Dagostino 0171 833 4433

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