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Immediate Release 17 September 1996


Illegal eviction on Newbury Bypass route

Today, Tuesday 17th September at approximately 9.00 a.m. several hundred security guards accompanied by a large number of Police surrounded a recently established protest camp. The Camp, known as 'Camp Resurrection', is located between the Kennet river and Kennet and Avon Canal close to the site of the former Kennet Camp. Two tripods and a lock-on were used by protestors to prevent clearance work starting[1].

Despite legal warnings pinned to the perimeter of Camp Resurrection, Security proceeded to remove the occupiers while Police looked on blindly. The Highways Agency who claim procession of the land, say that the previous procession order awarded in March of this year to evict the Kennet Camp allows them to evict Camp Resurrection. However consultation with Peter Roderick, solicitor for Friends of the Earth reveals the Highways Agency's action to be illegal. A warrant of restitution, awarded by a magistrate, is required to allow the occupiers to be removed. No warrant of restitution has been granted.

A spokesperson for the Third Battle of Newbury said,

"This eviction, like a number of others during the first phase of work is illegal. A Government Agency - the Highways Agency is breaking the law"

They continued,

"Contrary to Highways Agency propaganda, the clearance of the bypass route is not complete. The thousands of people who protested against this unnecessary and highly destructive scheme have set back the Highways Agency's schedule"


Editors Notes

[1] A tripod is a pyramid like structure built from scaffolding poles and is usually occupied by one or more persons. A lock-on is a pipe embedded in the ground to which a person my secure themselves by means of a handcuff-like clip.

[2] The law states that if there is a plain and sufficient nexus between the two land occupations then a warrant of restitution is required before an eviction may take place.

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