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Immediate Release Monday 20th January 1997


Campaigners attend Road Traffic Reduction Rally

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Campaigners against the Newbury Bypass from The Third Battle of Newbury, Newbury Friends of the Earth and Newbury Green Party will be attending the Road Traffic Reduction Bill (RTRB) rally in London on Wednesday 22nd January. The RTRB requires policies to reduce traffic by 10% from its 1990 levels by 2010. To achieve this end Newbury Bypass campaigners are calling on the Government to fully fund Newbury's local transport measures rather than spending £101 million on the Newbury Bypass. Only £100,000 of the £650,000 required by Berkshire County Council for Newbury's local transport in 1997 is being given by Central Government.

Andrew Wood of Newbury Friends of the Earth said

"Local politicians who believed the tax payers purse could stretch to building the Newbury Bypass AND funding local transport for the people of Newbury are at best naive. By supporting the Bypass they have betrayed the people of Newbury" He added "We're calling on our local councils- Newbury District and Berkshire County Council to endorse to the Road Traffic Reduction Bill. Lets have more transport and less traffic" ENDS

Editors Notes

Campaigners will be demonstrating their commitment to traffic reduction by travelling by minibus. A banner reading 'No more Newburys, Cut Traffic Now" will be carried aloft by campaigners.

Picture Editors

9.30 a.m. Minibus departs from The Wharf Car park, Newbury.

12.30 p.m. Rally at Central Hall, Storey's Gate Westminster with speakers.

2.45 p.m. Mass lobby of Parliament at St Stephen's Entrance, House of Commons, Westminster where two thousand people will hold red traffic light placards.