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Immediate Release Friday 20 September 1996


Newbury protestors go international

A representative of The Third Battle of Newbury, Andrew Illsley has been invited to help train Direct Activists in Freiburg, Germany close to Strasbourg. This Sunday, 22nd September, Andrew will address a rally at Frieburg organised by SET (Sustainable European Tour)[1]. The rally is expected to attract thousands of opponents to the Freiburg Bypass (B31 East New).

Like the Newbury Bypass, the Freiburg Bypass is part of Trans-European Route Network (TERN) and will similarly destroy areas of ancient woodland. Work on the Freiburg Bypass is expected to start late '96 or early '97. Sunday's rally follows from a previous rally where 5,000 people formed a human chain along part of the route. The building of walkways, treehouses, tripods, lock-ons and the teaching of other direct action techniques is expected to form part of Andrew's brief. Andrew's expenses are being met by his German hosts.

Andrew Illsley of the Third Battle of Newbury said

'People from all over the world, especially other European Counties visited Newbury to help stop the bypass. Solidarity with our European Allies is essential to defeat trans-national road schemes' He continued 'All sorts of people come to Newbury for employment, including road protesting. Road protesting offers significant career opportunities and upward mobility - not just tree climbing' ENDS

Editors Notes

[1] SET are part funded by grant from the European Community.

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