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Immediate Release January 21st January 1997


Exhibition of Newbury Bypass fence decorations,

contributions requested

The Third Battle of Newbury and Newbury Friends of the Earth are organising an exhibition of photographs showing the decorations made on the bypass fence at the reunion rally, Saturday 11th January. People are being asked to send photographs of the decorations for the exhibition along with a personnel statement. The exhibition will be held in Newbury in February. It is hoped there will be sufficient interest to publish the photographs in a book.

Decorations ranging from personnel statements, mementoes, Christmas decorations, tinsel, to Christmas trees, bicycles and shopping trolleys were attached to the bypass fence. Unfortunately by 10.00 a.m. the day after the rally The Highways Agency had removed all of the decorations such was the threat they represented.

Contributions for the Exhibition should be sent to Mural of Hope, C/O The Third Battle of Newbury, PO Box 5520, Newbury, Berks, RG14 7YW. A self addressed envelope should be sent with the contributions.

Andrew Wood of Newbury Friends of the Earth said

"We created something of beauty, a mural of hope, in a landscaped devastated by the governments road building Programme" he continued "We hope the exhibition will bring to the attention of the wider public the positive achievements of the Reunion Rally" ENDS