Immediate Release Wednesday August 21st

Flim-flam Festival: Not just protest

The Flim-flam festival, six days of protest against the Newbury Bypass (August 25 - 30th) brings with it a whole raft of bands to entertain the assembled protesters. A list of confirmed and expectant bands has been released today. All will be playing in the Newbury Bypass area, exact venue details to be confirmed on the day via Tree F.M, Newbury's local radio station.

Bands which have confirmed to play include: Julian Cope, Psalm One, Dub the Earth, I'o'WaskA, The Astronauts, Snails with Attitude, Wob, Space Escape, Heliotrope.

Bands expected to play but yet to confirm include: Electric Grove Temple, Revolutionary Dub Warriors, Smoky Bears, Mother Samosa ... and others

Fred Spong, Tree FM broadcaster said

"Just a breather for those tired pixies during Flim-flam - some bloody fine drumming, diddle diddle ethnic tribal music and that bloody techno. It promises to be one of England's finest free festivals"

Editors Notes

For further information phone Fred Spong, Tree F.M. Broadcaster

Tree FM broadcasts on 87.7 Mhz between 6 - 12 p.m. 7 days a week. Reception is limited to the immediate Newbury area.