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Immediate Release Friday 21st November


NOT The National Lottery Launched


Today tickets for the Third Battle of Newbury's national prize draw called 'NOT The National Lottery' go on sale. Beside the unusual ticket design, there are unusual prizes on offer including a 'Burner' (i.e a room heater) for your tree house which also suitable for more conveniental dwellings. Other various prizies include a barge trip for two down the Kennet and Avon Canal and a high security D-Lock. The promoter of the draw is A Wood.

Whereas Camolot, the commercial company administrating the National Lottery make a profit of 44 pounds a year. All the proceeds for 'NOT The National Lottery' will go directly to The Third Battle of Newbury - the local allience against the Newbury Bypass. Tickets for 'NOT the National Lottery will be sold by local residents and by mail out to national supporters.




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