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Immediate Release 24th September 1996




Following contractors incompetent and careless attempt to seal off tunnels which lay beneath the gardens of Gotan Digger's Community when they merely threw bags of unmixed concrete down the tunnels, protesters have carefully removed them and put them to better use.

Today, the brave trolls were visited by Thames Valley Police and asked to leave their subterranean dwellings. They were further amused when threatened with arrest for criminal damage to the earth.

Police stated that they were concerned for the safety of protesters and any children who may wander into the area. Protesters considered this an absurd and weak tactic to use in order to persuade them to leave the tunnels.

Considering that in the period 1981-95 an average of 563 children were killed on our roads each year and 11,180 seriously injured, with almost 7,000 seriously injured last year alone (D.O.T. figures) the area is almost definitely a lot safer for children to wander in now than it would be if the Bypass goes ahead.

Chris, one of the Diggers Community, said

"We would like to thank contractors for supplying the concrete to re enforce the tunnels and construct further lock-ons. The tunnels are now safe for people to live in, and they do !

It is absolutely absurd to suggest that children would be endangered, the danger is from the, barbed, razor wire that is left lying around by contractors - not the tunnels which are guarded to prevent anyone coming to any harm. Children live in the community and we would do nothing to jeopardise any child's safety"

The Diggers Community can now relax a little more, safe in the knowledge that their gardens and food source is now being protected from above and below.


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