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The Third Battle of Newbury is a coalition of groups opposed to the Newbury Bypass

and campaigning for sustainable transport for the people of Newbury



Friday 25th October 1996




Dear Ms Wallington,



I am writing to you in your position as Project Officer for the Kennet Valley Countryside Project (KVCP).This letter concerns the appointment of Mr Alex Seccombe as Chairman of KVCP.

We believe that Mr Seccombe is not a suitable Chairman for a conservation organisation which lists as it's aim's to 'Conserve and enhance the landscape in the valley'. As you may not be aware Mr Seccombe is Resident Agent of Sir Richard Sutton Estates -a company intending to develop an Aggregate Quarry beside the river Kennet.

No doubt your aware of the considerable damage an Aggregate Quarry will course to the Kennet Valley with it's rare and precious flora and fauna. We believe Mr Seccombe's position is therefore untenable and we are calling for his resignation. I hope you will support us in this call. It is an unfortunate start to a project but one which we believe will regain the respect of local and national conservation and environmental bodies and the general public.

I look forward to your reply and enclose a press release.


Your sincerely








(Andrew Wood - participant of the Third Battle of Newbury)