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Immediate Release Monday 27th January 1997


Former Newbury bypass security guard last protester in trees at Fairmile road protest eviction

At 1.00 p.m. on Sunday 26th January the last protester to leave the trees at the Fairmile A30 road protest site, Devon was a former Newbury bypass security guard - Craig (he would prefer his full name were not revealed). Craig has spent sixty five hours in the trees being pursued by professional climbers. He left due to cold and hunger when it became apparent the authorities intended to starve him out.

Craig, aged twenty one joined Reliance Security in January 1996 and was assigned for vehicle security and later the rapid deployment group. He left due to torn shoulder ligaments in March. He was subsequently employed by Pinkertons Security and left in October 1996. Craig initially worked in the 'C' shift in the southern part of the Newbury bypass route at the Chase. He was transferred to 'A' shift at the Snelsmore compound, in the northern part of the route after he complained of the rough treatment of protesters by 'C' shift.

Craig quit Pinkertons Security as he became aware of the environmental requirements being flouted by contractors. Regulations concerning booms across water courses and drip trays under parked vehicles were being ignored.

When Craig left the trees he was escorted off site by Devon Police. He was not arrested and escorted from the area to prevent harassment by the two hundred or more Reliance Security at the Fairmile site.

Craig said

"I became disillusioned with what I'd seen, the flouting of environmental regulations. My awareness was raised."

Regarding the Fairmile evictions he said

"I'd do it all again, if I had to."


Editors Notes

Further information: Craig at the Fairmile A30 Office 01404 815 729

Third Battle of Newbury Office 01635 45544

Video footage of Craig's experience as a Newbury bypass security guard may be available from the Fairmile A30 office.