Tuesday 29th October 1996

Immediate Release

David Rendel MP challenged to show support for Road Traffic Reduction Bill

Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Newbury, Rachel Stark, has written to David Rendel MP asking him to re-affirm his support for the Road Traffic Reduction Bill in the forth coming Private Members Ballot on October 31st. The Road Traffic Reduction Bill(RTRB) is a joint Green Party and Friends of the Earth initiative to cut traffic by 5% from it's 1990 figure by 2005, and 10% by 2010.

Supporters of the RTRB are lobbying MP's to support the Bill in this session of Parliament, possibly the last before the forth-coming General Election. The Private members ballot, where MP's names are drawn from a hat and the 'winner' asked to put forward a bill is Thursday 31st October 1996. So far over 200 MP's of all parties have supported the Bill. Although David Rendel has in the past supported the Road Traffic Reduction Bill, he is being asked to re-affirm his commitment to it and bring it to parliament if he wins the ballot.

Rachel Stark, Newbury Parliamentary Candidate for the Green Party said

"This is a perfect opportunity for a Liberal Democrate to genuinely tackle the problems of traffic"
she continued "It's time for Newbury to move into the next century and leave behind the car culture which is proving so destructive, both socially and environmentally" ENDS