Signal Box Camp

Just North of Bunkers Hill

Of Enborne row



3rd February 1996

BY FAX (0171 222 6006) AND BY POST

Mrs Lesley Smith

Treasury Solicitor

Queen Anne's Chambers

28 Broadway

London, SW1H 9JS


Dear Mrs Smith

Re : Possession of land railway embankment north of Bunkers Hill, Newbury

I, ?????, and persons unnamed, are putting the Department of Transport and you, the Treasury Solicitor, on notice that we are in possession of ,and live at, the land marked on the accompanying map (known as the Signal Box camp) North of Bunkers hill, by Enborne row. I have lived at this woodland for a week since last Monday. It is my home and I claim possession of the land. If you wish to claim possession of the land, you must go through the lawful procedure in the courts and gain an Order of Possession.

If you, the Department of Transport, or any of their agents attempts to evict us, damage our property, our dwellings or the land that we live on, without this Order from the Court then we shall prosecute whoever is responsible. We believe that you have no lawful right to the land on which we are living in dwellings.

I enclose a map showing the area in which we are living and to which we claim possession. You may not enter this land without our permission or without a Court Order.

Please reply to this fax as soon as possible to confirm that you have received and understood this information.

Yours sincerely,