Third Battle of Newbury

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Immediate Release 5th August 1996


Newbury Bypass work to restart

Work on the construction phase of the Newbury Bypass is expected to commence in the next twenty four hours[1]. Large numbers of security guards, employed by Pinkertons[2] have been drafted into the area and are on standing-by.

Work is expected to centre on the erection of razor sharp security fencing and the establishment of a compound for plant and machinery on route. While John Chapman, Chief engineer of Mott McDonald[3] prepares how to seize and hold the land on the bypass route, campaigners and protestors are similarly preparing their plans to prevent the capture of the land and it's violation.

A spokesman for the Third Battle of Newbury, the main group campaigning against the bypass, said

"Already oak seedlings, perhaps 12 inches high, are growing on the cleared land in the north of the route. The decision to stop the road can be made at any time, there's still time to stop this highly destructive project and offer real transport solutions for the people of Newbury rather than more roads for more traffic -transport, not tarmac" ENDS