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Immediate Release 6th August 1996


Hungry wolf still refusing sausage !

Newbury bypass protester, Chris Dench, known as Wolf, is still on hunger strike at Bullingdon prison.

He was arrested last Thursday, 1st August, along with 11 others, during a direct action demonstration in solidarity with Balin Hobbs, tripod veteran, and the first Newbury hunger striker.

The actions of Mr Dench and Balin serve to highlight the draconian bail conditions imposed on protesters not yet tried, let alone found guilty. These include imposition of an exclusion zone of 1km around the bypass site, which for those living on camps alongside the route, means effective exclusion from their homes. These conditions often last over six months in 'not guilty' cases, as earlier court dates are apparently 'unavailable'.

Mr Dench said

"The civil rights of every man, woman, and child in this country are threatened by the escalation of police powers when peaceful demonstrators are excluded from great swathes of our country so that state sponsored environmental destruction may proceed unimpeded. Our traditional belief that this is a free country is shown for the sham that it really is"

Mr Dench is charged with Aggravated Trespass, the new offence under Michael Howard's Criminal (In)justice Act, and will appear in court on Thursday 8th August


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