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Immediate Release Sunday 3rd November 1996


Agent provocateur suspected in stoning incident on Newbury Bypass route

On Saturday 2nd November, a security guard who was guarding a compound in the northern part of the Newbury Bypass route was hit by a stone fired from a catapult. Protesters living close to the compound at the Gotan camp are assisting security with their enquiries to find the perpetrator. Protestors living at Gotan maintain good relations with those at the security compound and no allegations have been made against protesters.

The security guard was stuck by a stone on his face close to his eye and was taken to hospital for treatment. This incident follows from a similar incident, over a week ago where a security guard received hospital treatment after being struck on the chest by a stone fired from a catapult.

The Third Battle of Newbury suspect an agent provocateur is responsible. Earlier this year a bomb threat against the Donnington Valley Hotel, Newbury was made by a person claiming to be a protester. The owner of the Hotel and Thames Valley Police later stated that they thought this highly unlikely and agent provocateurs were 'responsible'.

A spokesman for the Third Battle of Newbury said

"Violence has no part in our campaign and we will do all we can to stop such abhorrent behaviour. We categorically re-affirm our commitment to non violence." they continued "We've seen the campaign subject to smears and the action of agent provocateurs in the past. Whoever is involved in such violent actions as stone throwing is an enemy of the campaign." ENDS


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