Third Battle of Newbury

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Immediate release Saturday 4 January 1997




Photo Opportunity

A walk starting from Twyford Down to the route of the Newbury Bypass will begin at the obelisk on Twyford Down, Tuesday 7th January 1997. A ceremony will mark the start of the walk. Twyford campaigners and protestors will assemble from 9.30 a.m. at the Obelisk. Banners, including the Union Jill Flag and a piece of symbolic Twyford chalk will be carried to Newbury. The walk lasting three days will arrive on Thursday January 9th to coincide with the anniversary of the start of clearance work on the route of the Newbury Bypass.

After the photo-call the walkers will proceed to Winchester Cathedral for a two minute silence in the Cathedral grounds. From there they will continue northwards to arrive at Tot Hill, on the southern most part of the Newbury bypass route on Thursday 9th January. The walkers will be welcomed by a fire breathing Dragon from the Tothill Circus.

A second walk will be starting from the controversial Solsbury Hill - Batheaston Bypass road scheme on Monday 6th January. A symbolic sod of earth will carried to Newbury. The walks intend to highlight the Governments highly destructive road building Programme and the role of campaigners and peaceful protest in protecting the environment.

Alan Weeks from The Friends of Twyford Down, one of the main Twyford campaign groups said

"The walk will draw attention to the loss of our natural and historic landscape treasures to the apparent insatiable demand of the motor car. An integrated transport policy will safeguard our heritage and provide mobility for the wider public who are currently denied it" He continued "It is a matter of sad reflection that a large part of this walk covers the route of the defunct Winchester to Newbury railway" ENDS