Third Battle of Newbury

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The Third Battle of Newbury is an alliance of groups and individuals opposed to the Newbury Bypass and campaigning for sustainable transport for Newbury and beyond

Embargo until: 10.00 a.m. Wednesday 5th March 1997


Die-in at the drive-in

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Campaigners for sustainable transport including Newbury Bypass protestors are to stage a 'die-in' on Wednesday 5th March at Newbury's recently opened Drive-Thru Burger King. The die-in will include car crashes victims, asthma deaths, and other road kill such as town centre traders. All are victims of Newbury's Mad Car Disease[1];-its cause: disastrous urban planning, poor public transport and insufficient walking and cycling.- its symptoms: the A34 Newbury Bypass, sprawling development, rampant social and environmental degradation.

The recently opened Burger King lies immediately next to the current A34 in central Newbury. A banner reading 'Mad Car Disease - free with every purchase' will grace the Drive-thru along with other fun packed signs. Complementary fruit, flapjacks and special offer tokens will be distributed to the understandably unsatisfied customers of Burger-King. A special guest - Daisy the Cow - veteran Newbury Bypass Protester will also be present. Daisy has been certified free from Mad Car Disease and will not be part of the Governments eradication programme - unlike the forty nine British School Children who are killed or injured on Britain's roads each day (Source: Pedestrian Association).

Rachel Stark of Newbury Green Party said

"The current A34 through Newbury is now becoming Newbury's new High Street. It's Drive-thru, retail developments and out of town stores are the true driving force behind the Newbury Bypass.Who will really benefit from this so called development? Not the people of Newbury" ENDS

Editors Notes

Press liaison and on site liaison: Andrew Wood (Newbury Friends of the Earth)

[1] Mad Car Disease is epidemic in Newbury. It has one of the highest car ownership figures in the country - over five hundred cars per thousand population which includes children, the elderly, etc. · Over 71% of journeys(1991) to work in Newbury were made by car. (source: Berkshire County Council). After the Newbury Bypass opens the current A34 will remain a trunck road - the A339

Picture Editors notes

Press briefing at 9.45 a.m. Wednesday March 5th outside of the 'Super wash' Laundrette, Queens Road, immediately east of the Burger King in Newbury. Queens road is situated just off the A34/ St Johns Road roundabout (signed 'Newbury Race Course). This lies immediately south of the A34 Sainsbury's roundabout in central Newbury. 'Dying' starts at 10.00 a.m. Press briefing essential