CAMPS as of 12.2.96

We took this list from one stored on the Third Battle computer in early 1996.
We've added a few more additions that we remember in red.

A. Mary Hare

B. Gotan

C. Snelsmore

D. Skyward

E. Castle Wood

E#2 Elephant Tree

F. Bagnor

F#2 Bagnor Lane

F#3 Quercus Circus

G. Middle Oak

H. Granny Ash

J. Rickety Bridge

J#2. Camelot

K. Kennet

K#2 Visitors' Camp (off-route)

??? One or two camps on Skinners Green Lane???

L. Reddings Copse

M. Sheep Dip

N. Enborne St

P. Enborne Row

P#2: Signal Box

Q. The Chase

R. Birthday Party

S. PP3

T. Babble Brook

U. Sea View

V. Manic Sha

W. Heartbreak Hotel

X. Horse Shoe

Y. Tot Hill

Z. Visitor's Camp