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Background information

Last updated: 27 February 2012

Need general background about nuclear issues? Start here! This is a wide-ranging and reasonably balanced collection of links, some from independent sources, some from the nuclear industry, and some from anti-nuclear campaign groups. We've tried to label all the websites so you know which ones are pro and which are anti. But do try to read widely... and make up your own mind! Many thanks to people who have suggested additions.

Introductions - from independent sources

Introductions to how nuclear power works, nuclear fission, chain reactions, and so on.

Introductions - from the nuclear industry

More introductions to nuclear power, this time from nuclear-industry websites. These may have more of a pro-nuclear bias (though some are very balanced).

Introductions - from anti-nuclear campaign groups

More introductions to nuclear power, this time from environmental and scientific campaign groups. These tend to be openly biased against nuclear power (though not always).

Climate change

Industry sources claim nuclear power is the way to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions; campaign groups say not.

Economics of nuclear power and alternatives

What's the economic case for and against nuclear power?

Nuclear reactors

Information about specific nuclear reactors (power plants and experimental, scientific reactors).

Fuel and uranium mining

Is uranium mining inherently a bad thing?


Is it possible to remove nuclear installations safely at the end of their life?


Is it possible to dispose of nuclear waste safely?


How big a problem is radioactive contamination (pollution) from nuclear plants?


How many nuclear accidents have there been and where did they occur?


What's the connection between nuclear power production and nuclear weapons?

World safety and terrorism

Most people accept that nuclear power has made the world a much more dangerous place.

Nuclear Industry (and other pro-nuclear groups)

Websites representing various aspects of the British nuclear industry.

Campaign groups and organizations - anti-nuclear

A selection of groups opposing nuclear power and nuclear weapons.

Energy topics

Some more general websites about energy and power.

Lots more links!

These are more collections of general links, for and against nuclear power: