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Take action - More things you can do

Last updated: 5 December 2006

What else can you do to help stop a return to nuclear power?

1. Write to the government

If you've not done it already, please write to the nuclear decision makers. We gave you details on our main take action page. This is by far the most important thing you can do at the moment.

2. Write to your MP

Use the excellent service.

3. Switch to renewable electricity

Ecotricity logo

There's nothing more persuasive than consumer power. So there's no more effective way to oppose nuclear than changing your electricity supplier. What are you waiting for? Switch your electricity over to Ecotricity or a green tariff with another energy company. It's simple and takes just a five-minute phone call! Everything works the same; you just get a different name on your electricity bill. Ecotricity match the price of your regional energy supplier, so it costs you no more. And they use your money to construct wind turbines, so you can be certain that a significant proportion of the energy you use is coming from renewables.

4. Make a link

If you have a website or a blog, maybe you could add in one of these banner ads and make a link?

No New Nukes banner graphic

5. Want some "Nuclear power no thanks" badges and stickers?

You can get stickers from the WISE online smiling sun shop in almost any language you can think of!

Please note that this design is copyright. European anti-nuclear groups use the badges and stickers to raise funds for their campaigns—so buy the "official merchandise", please, rather than making your own!

6. Sign some petitions

Several groups are running anti-nuclear and pro-renewable petitions. Here are some you could sign:

7. Tell a friend

Tell at least one friend about this website.

8. See also...

Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth have some other good suggestions for things you can do. Click their logos to find out more.

Greenpeace logo

Friends of the Earth logo

9. And if that's not enough for you...

Stop drinking so much coffee. And take a look at 36 ways to stop nuclear power.

36 ways to stop nuclear power