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Last updated: 7 December 2007

This page covers the 2006 inquiry into English Heritage's Stonehenge Visitor Centre and the 2004 inquiry into the A303 highway scheme—the two major elements of the Stonehenge Project.

2007: Final decision on the road scheme

These official documents may, in time, disappear from government websites. If you find these links are broken at some point in the future, you can track the reports down by visiting our archive page, where we've put copies.

2006: Public inquiry into English Heritage's Visitor Centre

Earlier this year English Heritage resubmitted their planning application to develop a new visitor centre for Stonehenge. Salisbury District Council approved the application in July, subject to a number of conditions. This application was identical to the one English Heritage submitted to the council in 2004, which was rejected. A public inquiry held by the Planning Inspectorate took place in the Methodist Church in St Edmund's Church Street, Salisbury in December 2006.

Supporting the application

For official documents supporting the application, see the Salisbury District Council Stonehenge inquiry website.

Summary of Salisbury District Council's closing statement to the inquiry. Download the PDF.

Opposing the application

These are summaries of the proofs of evidence submitted by the Stonehenge Alliance, which opposes the visitor centre plan. Unfortunately, most of the documents are currently available only in Adobe Acrobat/Reader (PDF) format. If you have difficulties reading PDFs, or you would like the full proofs (which are very large files), please email us.

2004: Public inquiry for the A303 road scheme

The public inquiry began on Tuesday 17 February 2004 and ran until 11 May 2004.

Inspector's report

The official Inspector's report has finally been published (20 July 2005). You can download it from the Department for Transport website.

Post inquiry

For a quick summary of the proceedings (albeit from an opponent's point of view), you might like to read Kate Fielden's summary of the public inquiry. Many thanks to Kate for letting us publish this here.

There's a longer and more detailed summary of objections in the Stonehenge Alliance's closing statement to the inquiry.

Official documentation

Responses from objectors

These are letters arguing against the scheme:

If you have written an objection and you would like us to put it up here, please email it to us. Thanks!

Statements of case

These are outlines (summaries) of the cases different groups will be making at the inquiry: