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Log of Newbury Bypass Protest

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Tuesday 20/2/1996
This log was started about 11/2 months after arriving

At present clearance work is underway in Pen wood, the area around the camps is being cleared making life for people on the ground very difficult their building large piles of chopped wood and burning them filling the whole area with thick blue smoke. The Environmental health and the Fire Brigade are not concerned. Apparently 147 security guards have sort medical attention due to the cold weather. At the camps protesters have fires with big pots of stew on. The pressure people are under is phenomenal, every one is feeling the strain when it gets to much most people go off and recuperate. Work is definitely being held up, not only by the protesters but also by the weather.

Support from the locals is excellent we have supplies arriving daily, from Mars bars to CB equipment.

We did expect an eviction today but it didn't happen. Work today has been centered around Manic Sha. PP3 is now an established link between Head office (Tango Bravo (TB)) and the front line camps in Pen wood, supplying or rather trying to supply water, food, communications and other tat we might come across. Camps in Pen wood are; Birthday party, Seaside, Seven Oaks, Babblebrook, Manic Sha, Heartbreak Hotel, Horseshoe, Tot Hill

Relations between protesters and security are quite good with conversations being struck up with lots of work going into making their men on the ground aware of how they are contributing to the planets destruction the common phrase is "Its just mi job" used as an excuse for doing what their doing.

Parnoigh was rife but now a days its a case of "year year everyones a spy, we ain't doing owt wrong were only trying to stop a road being built".

We have people on look out 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Just got word that Environmental health have given Blackwalls a verbal warning E.H. breaches.

Have found that CAKE is like gold to person freezing up a tree. Its amazing how much were all learning about survival.

Just had fire bombing threats again. Threats over the radio are rife, a lot of abuse from truckers usually between 8 - 9am and 4 - 5.30.pm. This morning the insults started late 10.30am ish...due to snow blocking roads.

Today we lost 3 big Oaks, a beautiful Holly, 30 Pines.

There was about 400 security guards on the ground, 5 were hospitalized due to smoke from the massive fires. Horseshoe has a thick layer of black sticky soot covering the whole camp.

They send in a snatch squad every morning before the main bulk of security arrive, to seize as many trees as possible to stop people from getting up them. The snatch squads are quite brutal in their methods and get away with a lot as its their words against protesters. As soon as the cameras arrive things start to chill out.

"EVERY MORNING" is a phrase often shouted by someone swinging a bottle recuperating after a day wrestling with security and freezing to death up a tree in a force 9 for 8 hours. One thing that really winds me up is truckers saying "Get a job", my response is. "...Got one"...

Bran has film footage of the effect that the fires are having on peoples homes, holes burnt through the tarps and the high risk of uncontrollable fires also the response from the security and police. "What fires?..."

Wednesday 21/2/1996
600 security

Quirt start today, security didn't turn up till well after dawn. They came down the Drove and set up a cordon around Heartbreak, and began clearance work. Some have been throwing up blood.

Badger holes are under threat

Got a milk man coming to site on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (Gota keep the coffee scene going)

Thursday 22/2/1996
17 coaches, 8 diggers, 900 security

Phew what a morning Tot hill failed to give advanced warning of snatch squad, 6 doggy doods in baleclarvers and army stuff. They were from Brays and Reliance one of the Reliance blokes was Scottish Jim who has been seen encouraging security guards to be violent. Security spread from the Chase to Penwood. The diggers came along the disused Railway track, it looks as though they are creating a flat hard-core space for vehicles close to the Chase just next to the road.

We now have a new front line office known as Snatch Squad One.

There was an assault this morning a woman had a bruise on her neck, this was photographed. She also did an interview for telly.

We really must watch these morning snatch squads, they arrive and start cutting walkways as well as guarding trees. People have nearly been dragged out of trees by these people using Landrovers pulling on walkways. Plain cloths security seem to be in control.

T.V will be around very early tomorrow morning.

Fluff Central (new off rout camp) has fluffed the Universe, nice one you doods.

A quirt day for vulgar truckers.

Friday 23/2/1996
8-9 coaches, 7 diggers, 500 security

Reliance have lost planning permission for their base at Stevanage, and are due to be booted out. Security were very slack today, many people up trees.

Have been trying to get the flat bed to do a water and rubbish run, organisation of this vehicle needs sorting.

Pritty chilled day, been talking to one of the low loader drivers who carry the diggers on the radio seems a decent geezer. Sussed a new spot to move to, very few insults.

Someone was taken to Hospital for Hypothermia.

Horrible big fires that look like Hell. 17 security Hospitalized due to smoke inhalation coffing up blood. Someone is investigating toxic effects of Laurel and Rhododendron smoke at Guys Hospital.

Saturday 24/2/1996
Day of recovery, radio fairly constant. Still haven't managed to get hold of the flat bed, water running low and the rubbish pile is growing! I think that the office think that we've got loads of motors so we don't need it, thing is their living vehicles and are not suitable for carrying rubbish and gallons of water. We keep putting wish lists in but get nothing back. Got a bit of a cold probably cos of stress and lack of sleep.

Have been trying to get a truck unstuck and 2 benders built before Monday, JP has pulled off, cant stand the mess on site.

Sunday 25/2/1996
Got a good nights sleep, cold is receiding. The truck got unstuck and relocated to a safe place for storage until we can find out whose it is. Why they left it in a field with a "this vehicle will be scrapped if you don't move it ..yesterday" sticker on it, and if you don't want it can we have it.

Someone turned up in a 101 Landrover and began working doing 4 wheel drive stuff. JP announced it over the radio so now we have a police helicopter buzzing overhead.

Monday 26/2/1996
700 security

Slow start today. They were a bit pissed of that JP had stolen their newly created hard standing space by the Chase. They ended up between Enborn Row and the Chase, diggers weren�t unloaded till 10am.

We've found the owner of the ten ton truck and will be negoating salvage costs this afternoon. The geezer never turned up, we think someone might have hired the truck and contents and then lunched it out, the plot thickens. Odd sort of day, radio's been quirt.

Evictions started at Selor in Wales, loads of dodge stuff going on when they moved in. A walkway was cut causing 2 people to fall 20 feet. Heavy tactics being used by bailiffs and police.

Sounds like the geezer whose truck it is, is family so we've got to give it back. Maybe he'll put the tent up for us spending hours digging it out.

Tuesday 27/2/1996
100 police, 600 security, 7 diggers

We lost 6 diggers in the fog this morning they finally ended up between Enborn Row and the Chase doing clearance work.

Got �30 for phone bill from office. Found a big bag of sugar so got busy making cakes. We're expecting the sheriff any day asking us to move I'm going to suggest that he lets us stay hear otherwise we'll go some ware else!! Took down the communal bender and had a good clean up round site. Took a ride on Pablo's donkey and exercised Bella dog. Fixed Babble Brooks radio.

2 tree houses left at Selor, most people back with tales of what sounded like a nasty eviction.

Appeals for the Northern cams were lost in the High court, evictions could start tomorrow

Someone's building a tunnel at the Chase.

Wednesday 28/2/1996
Its getting quieter as clearance work moves up rout. Didn't wake up till 7am. Security up Enbourn row way, apparently they've surrounded Granny Ash (just writing the name sends shivers down my spine...for some reason), or was it Reading Copse, dunno communication with the front line has been a bit sketchy.

Had an early visit from the Old Bill armed with a video camera. Forestry commission came, but no Bailiffs.

Found a large frame and a big tarp so we now have a field kitchen with a stove, loads of food and other bits and pieces people might need.

Lots of people back from Selor sounds like they went in to kill, people fired up and ready to defend Newbury to the last.

Apparently security think PP3 is the main supply rout for all the camps on the rout shit!!

That means were target no1 knock out food and water and the rest crumbles What a load of bolloks this whole campaign rides on chaos and magic.

Changed battery on windmill, milk man failed to turn up. Apparently the owner of the truck turned up with 4 mates but went away cos no one was around

No idea on security numbers, probably around 500 ish

I reckon evictions will start on Monday, gives the climbers time to rest after Selor and be briefed, they may try a sneaky hit.

Security moved a footpath without notice not sure if this is legal gona check it out.

Thursday 29/2/1996
Big AROOGA up at Snelsmore, they sneaked in at 3am and captured the tunnel by saying if you don't come out we'll send in the dogs, got reports of police dog vans in the area. 2 people removed from trees, one got a kicking once on the ground.

7.30am The main eviction of Snelsmore started.

6 diggers at Enborn street with about 500 security. Clearance work between Sheep dip and Readings copse, reports of Red hats (security top bods) up trees.

4-5 security spotted rummaging around in Skywards kitchen.

9.40am Reports of a cherry picker stuck in traffic heading for Snelsmore

Tot hill and Horseshoe have their appeal in court on Tuesday, all the other camps have lost appeals.

10.18am One tree down, cherry picker on site. 10.21am Climbers on site at Snelsmore.

Not a very successful day for Babylon, not much cleared

Friday 1/3/1996
300 Security surrounded the Chase. Advance chainsaw team spotted around Enborn street felling 2 trees. They appear to be doing clearance work around the Chase, they tried to enter the camp but were told to leave.

150 police and 300 security at Snelsmore, 4 cherry pickers. 17 people were arrested.

Have been clearing up rubbish around site in preparation to move. Don't know where to go. Got a big tent and enough stuff to set up a mobile kitchen at the next site. Loads of stuff to recycle.

News said someone used a knife, apparently they used it to cut a climbing tape in order to stop a Bailiff clipping onto them.

6 People removed from the trees

Saturday 2/3/1996
With regard to piss a deal was done and the bucket was lowered when police and bailiffs allowed food, water and tobacco to be allowed up to the people in the trees. Got a bit spiky when authorities bent the rules.

No evictions today medical team pulled out something to do with fuel for the Ambulance not being paid for. Someone fell out of a tree hurting there back and neck, someone got a congested trachea and someone left their ventalyn in the office. 3 medical things on the day the medics leave. People at Readings copse (Romeo Charlie) are medics and are mobile so we are covered.

Sunday 3/3/1996
Sent water buts off with the flatbed, somehow it ended up in the police pound. To be processed and released after 12am.

This job seems to be about passing information around and making sure messages get through. It's important to push to make sure something is done. I have a peace of paper with 'stuff to do' point 6 is 'find out about toxic effects of Rhodedendrum smoke', because I have this on my list I am reminded daily and if I keep on hassling the office we might find an answer and be able to cross it off the list.

When trying to contact someone on the radio start with their name eg, "Heartbreak hotel from PP3 are you receiving over", if no reply call again but shout a bit louder, if there�s no answer after about the 3rd try their not there. Stack messages so when they come on you remember the message and pass it on, good use of pen and paper.

Rumor has it that the water supplies at Snelsmore are contaminated. Got our water buts back but only the two 10 gallon tanks 5ish smaller plastic ones seem to have disappeared.

Started up a battery check list and charge list in order to keep batteries maintained.

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