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Log of Newbury Bypass Protest

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Monday 4/3/1996
The scene is set all we can do now is wait. All night watches, look outs and rout monitors. The evictions started at Granny ash we had plenty of warning. Clearance work around Seaside and Manic Sha, rumors that Seaside will be evicted this afternoon, about 700 security in Pen wood.

I am trying to get hold of the flat bed for a rubbish run.

12am Just got news all Granny Ash climbers have been evicted, Granny Ash is no more.

Looks like sheriff is visiting the Pen wood area, loads of police milling about taking pictures and chatting to people up trees and in nets. They did say there would be no evictions in Pen wood today.

Trying to get rid of surplus tat on site, loads of jamming and obscene language on the radio. I get a feeling that when the news is on the telly the locals who jam the radio all go off and watch it.

Vic's had a lovely day.

Got 4 sheets of phone bill �135.31, I paid �80, I owe �42.

About 40 arrests.

Very tiring day, have been sleeping whenever I can. Run out of AA batteries for hand held CB radio's.

Tuesday 5/3/1999
They started evicting at the Chase most people had been removed by 10.30am one girl was left at the top of a very thin tree with all the branches removed below her, clinging on in the gales and snow. They gave JP 5 minutes to move or they would tow him off.

Rubbish has been removed from site. What a scenario we have death threats over the radio, police filming outside 600-700 security 200 meters away and the constant wail of chain-saws.

There�s a cherry picker working and climbers are at the Chase.

Medics will be based at PP3 from tomorrow.

We now have 3 more vehicle mobiles, Wilder beast, Titanic and Pig magnet.

In Pen wood, Seaside's cordon has been removed and clearance work has begun to construct access, probably to get a cherry picker in. They evicted the 2 trees over the road from the Chase. They moved towards Birthday Party, taking the ground camp. The cherry picker got stuck. All the trees gone, except Smudge's, they removed the lower branches, trashed the tree house and went home, probably back tomorrow to finish.

Bad day. Chase has gone. We must put up more resistance, seems futile against their might. They have hundreds of police and security. It's David and Goliath, and we all know who won that. Farewell Granny Ash, the Chase, Birthday Party, your memory will live inside us. Homes trashed, people trashed, trees trashed. Babylon bastards just keep on coming.

Got chain-saws over the radio with some mad man going "Gonna cut you down! (hee hee)" in a psychotic voice. Mark is the man with the chainsaw.

Sustainability is the key, we are as strong as ever, fired up and ready to defend our glorious Mother Earth to the bitter beginning, or should it be the end!

Wednesday 6/3/1996
Evictions at Bagnor lane, a tree was felled with a person in it.

5 police vans, diggers, 600 security clearance work around Reddings copse, the camp is surrounded, climbers spotted, no eviction at this time.

Police, Sheriff and climbers have just done a snatch squad on Birthday parties one remaining tree, climbers belayed the only person down to the ground. People a bit pissed off because there was no warning of the snatch squad

The office could do with having a separate area for communication with the front line, one that's separate from the general hustle and bustle of the present office. Messages are sometimes hard to get through and sometimes they can't hear people trying to contact them.

All that remains of Bangor is one tree with 3 people in it. They've built a track upto Readings copse in order to get cherry pickers in.

Thursday 7/3/1996
Eviction at Snelsmore and Skylark 40 police vans, bailiffs, 400 security. Evicting climbers were met in the trees by some of there mates, fellow climbers. The trees were defended in spectacular style. 4 Scab climbers resigned.

A bailiff fell out of a tree he was clearing off rout.

Last tree fell at Bagnor.

Strange stuff going on at Tot hill, top police bod bimbling around looks like there up to something.

New camp Salvage under threat of vigi attack.

Someone was suspected of having a broken leg after being dragged from a tree but it turned out to be severely strained. They refused him visitors at the hospital except 2 police officers and 2 TSG.

Apparently the climbers get �25.000 each to clear the trees

Kennet came under vigi attack last night, the mother ship was fired at by someone with an air rifle or a catapult, no one appears to have been hurt.

People have been recording the CB radio and playing it back, sounds well weard.

Friday 8/3/1996
400 security, 11-12 diggers clearance work around Gotan

Evictions continuing at Snelmore and Skylark, 40 police vans, 6 climbers and a cherry picker having a hard time getting to the tree tops, 9 tree houses still standing Skylark.

Loads more CB stations coming on line.

Saturday 9/3/1996
Cleared out kitchen bender and evicted squatters, we're getting a hire van to take people to the actions. Need a couple of speakers and the amp fixing for mini sounds. We are now going to hand wish lists straight to local support, have given up on the office we gave them one 2 weeks ago and got nothing.

Someone fell out of a tree, ambulance called.

Sunday 10/3/1996
I had dreams this morning, nice to get a decent chunk of sleep.

4 riot police or bailiffs spotted on bank next to the Chase.

Locals bought loads of food and we all had a feast very very nice and a big thank you from everyone. Got lots of donations for the kitchen bender and 3 batteries for electric�s only 2 seem to work the phone. Ran out of dog food. Submitted a wish list to the locals.

2 Cops were spotted at Snelsmore dressed in black with infrared night-sights, when they were asked what they were doing they said "watching you lot"!

Monday 11/3/1996
40 police, 800 security

They ran a merry dance today, they were all over the place. Vans and coaches in dribs and drabs. Eventually they ended up around Readings copse. No evictions today because the sheriff is on holiday, they have completed building a road upto the big pine in order to get the cherry picker in.

Had a long chat with locals.

Someone nicked my penny tin, we have a thief on site.

Tuesday 12/3/1996
First we haven't a driver, then we cant find a working phone then the van gets stuck....

Eviction at Go Tan, 7 bailiffs, 4 climbers, 29 people in the trees, bit of a manic day 28 arrests.

Sort of accused someone of theft left a bit of a funny vibe goto sort it out

Radical Fluff got surrounded with no one in it, think the camps ok , haven't heard any more.

Helicopter and unmarked cars spotted at Readings Copse.

Party at Manic Sha tonight.

Wednesday 13/3/1996
250 security at the Kennet and 150 security and diggers clearance work around Snelsmore

Sneak early morning hit on the Kennet, full on eviction with frog men, boats, instant bridges. Sluggish start on our side took a long time to get people to the camp only 2 people managed to get through the cordon.

Am pissed of they destroyed the Mother ship at the Kennet (a very large bender stung between 5 trees 10 foot off the ground) I never got a chance to visit.

The camp was not totally evicted and rebuilding will be going on through the night.

We found a young deer that had been hit by a car, some locals took it to the vets but it died on the table.

Battery check list seems to be working and proving to be useful. Think the thief might have been rumbled. Pablo's donkey has been savaged, very busy day lots of people in and out, got a soothing massage. Local support are helping out with the wish list. Got some dog food.

Reports of someone�s arm being broken whilst they were being removed from a lock on at the Kennet.

Thursday 14/3/1996
600 security at the Kennet

Evictions continuing at the Kennet. Cocked up on lifts some people managed to get up trees, very manic morning. Phone rang really early this but when I picked it up the phone just went dead. Van 1 driver got a call as well saying "It's happening at......" and then the phone went dead.

If you had one cow producing 2 gallons of milk, (32 pints), a day you could sell the milk for 45p which comes to $14.40 a day.

Very busy day have got a list of people needing people offering lifts to various places.

Salvage has been de tatted and moved to Seaside.

Someone got pushed off their bike by a passing car

Surveyors at Castle wood, 4 trees left at the Kennet.

Friday 15/3/1996
Evictions at Castle wood had very few reports coming in. Both ends of the rout North and South seem to be under attack. They tried a sneaky attack on Pen wood after finishing off at the Kennet. A chain saw team turned up with 2 police vans but soon turned around when they realised that people had sussed what they were up to and clambered up trees. Had our first red alert around Fortress Pen wood. Manic Sha's radio died.

Apparently the police are pushing to get every one evicted by 27/3/1996.

Saturday 16/3/1996
Session at Snatch Squad 1 last night. Uneventful day, a geezer whose in the TA and works as a security guard came round for a chat, seems a bit weard fighting for your country then doing a job preventing people from defending trees being ripped up and trying to stop the country from being trashed.

Had an intelligent conversation with some locals over the radio.

Sunday 17/3/1996
Day of rest, calm before the storm.

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