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Last updated: 8 December 2007

Thank you for your interest in the Save Stonehenge! campaign.

Following the cancellation of the road scheme on 6 December 2007, the campaign has now ended.

Our email addresses and phone numbers (general and press) are no longer active. There is still some information for journalists on our press page.

If you'd like to express your delight, disgust, or complete indifference about the decision, please contact your MP or the Department for Transport.

Our thanks to everyone who supported us!

If you're looking for specific information, there are over 200 text pages and another 200 maps, photos, and other graphics in our information section. If you can't find what you want, you can use Google to search our site: go to an ordinary Google search box and type your query followed by site:savestonehenge.org.uk to restrict the hits to pages on our site.

For example, you could enter:

visitor's centre site:savestonehenge.org.uk

to see all our pages about the visitor's centre issue.